N-Krypt: The Human Element

By Steve Ellis

Page 1:

Panel 1: Close in on face of instructor on video being played on a laptop screen.

PROFESSOR: A recent hacking attack ended with the theft of the personal data of 120 million customers.

PROFESSOR (off panel): Although the major retailer’s customer-facing site is well

defended, hackers were able to gain access to the corporate network through use of malware.

Panel 2: We show a graphic describing a retail shopping cart from a site with a hack symbol in it.

PROFESSOR (off panel): The malware was installed through the use of a compromised third-party vendor.

PROFESSOR (off panel): In this case, as in cases of email phishing schemes, the human element was a weak point in the security system.

Panel 4: We show a graphic of someone using a computer, with an image of password dialogue from a spam email letter appearing on the screen.

PROFESSOR: These kinds of social engineering attacks can be devastating.


“Dear email subscriber:

This mail is to inform all our users that we will be maintaining and upgrading our website in a couple of days from now. To confirm your account, please send your mail account details which are as follows:

User Name, Password, and Date of Birth

Failure to do this will immediately render your email address deactivated from our database.

Thank you for using


Panel 5: The Professor stands in front of a hack symbol.

PROFESSOR: So how do we guard against such attacks? The network user was clearly the problem. Often these kinds of threats are insider threats, disgruntled workers who have been dismissed or are unhappy with their jobs.

PROFESSOR: Better network design, better monitoring, and intervention at the network level would be the best way to predict these kinds of attacks.

Panel 6: We pull out to see a professor in a tiny window of a laptop screen.

PROFESSOR (on screen): We also need to develop methods of identifying an attack as it happens and have a rapid response plan in place.

Panel 7: We see Sam’s hand reaching in and clicking the pause button on his laptop.

PROFESSOR: In the end, the one factor we must contend with is the human element...

Sound effect: Click!

SAM: OK. We will continue this program after a word from our sponsors.


Page 2:

Panel 1: Pull back to see Sam with his laptop on his lap, he is in the cafeteria of an offline data center and is staying late in the offices watching instructional videos for a Syracuse online course on cybersecurity.

SAM: Oh, my brain. Need a break.

Panel 2: Sam stretches we see more of his environment.

SAM: Yawn!

Panel 3: We close in on Sam’s phone. No Service appears on the screen. It displays the date and time (11 p.m. Thursday, March 18).

SAM: Time for snacks!

Panel 4: Sam walks out of the room scratching his head, and hungry.

SAM: Whistling.

Panel 5: Sam walks up the stairs.

SAM: Whistling.

Panel 6: He enters a hallway.

SAM: Whistling.

Panel 7: In front of him is a window overlooking the parking lot. It’s clearly nighttime.

SAM: Boy, it’s late.

Panel 8: He looks out on the parking lot. In the distance, we see his broken-down car.

SAM: Sigh! Poor old car, guess I’ll have to have her looked at.

Page 3:

Panel 1: Earlier that day, the sun high in the sky, Sam stands in full parking lot with his car’s hood open. People are getting in their cars in the background.

SAM (on phone): Yeah, I called them, they can’t come by.

Panel 2: Close up of Sam talking into his phone to his girlfriend Allyson.

SAM: I know. I guess it’s OK if you can’t pick me up till after your shift. I’ll try to get back into the office. They don’t like us being there after hours, but we’ll see.

Panel 3: He leans his arm on the car...upset.

SAM: I’ll just download some of the lectures from school and watch them all night. Hopefully I can wait inside, I’d rather not stay in the car if it’s going to start snowing.

Panel 4: Close in of phone again, the time says 3 p.m. Thursday, March 18. There is a picture of

Allyson on his phone with the call ended symbol.

SAM: Love you too.

Panel 5: Sam puts his laptop on his car, and sets up his cellphone as a hotspot for his laptop to download videos.

SAM: Razzem Frazzem....Grr…

Panel 6: We close in on the SU site as he downloads. Phone screen reads: 3:00 P.M. Thursday, March 18.

Panel 7: Sam walks back to the building as people drive away.

SAM: Whistling.

Page 4:

Panel 1: Close up of Security Guard Jimmy.

JIMMY: Sorry Sam, I really can’t let you stay.

Panel 2: Pull back to see Sam and Jimmy talking in lobby of Ecks Corp site.

SAM: But...

JIMMY: I know they trust you to have full access to every computer in this building, but you know you can't stay after hours unless you have an approved work order.

Panel 3: Close up of Sam being persuasive.

SAM: It’s just, my car is broken down, and my girlfriend won’t be here till after her shift, like midnight. Can’t I just hang out in one of the conference rooms?

SAM: No one will know I’m there. I’ll just be watching some homework videos I downloaded...

Panel 4: Another shot of Sam and Jimmy.

SAM: Plus it’s starting to snow outside.

SAM: I can get you some Cheezos.


Panel 6: Jimmy reaches into the desk.

JIMMY: OK, boy genius. Don’t make me regret it.

Panel 7: He hands Sam a pass.

JIMMY (off panel): Just don’t let anyone know I did this. It could mean my job!

Panel 8: Close shot of Sam’s hand using pass.

Sound effect: Shhhllllk!

Panel 9: A reader device lights up and beeps.

Sound effect: Beep!

Panel 10: Sam enters facility.

SAM (looking back at Jimmy): I’ll grab you a root beer, too.

Page 5:

Panel 1: Nighttime establishing shot of facility, Sam’s car in the far distance. There is a fence that is partially open separating Sam’s car from the inner parking lot. The inner parking lot is empty.

Panel 2: Sam stands by the window.

SAM: I hope she’s here soon.

Panel 3: He checks his phone screen again, which reads 11:35 Thursday, March 18.

SAM: Ugh.

Panel 4: Shot of security camera.

Panel 5: Downshot as Sam stands looking at soda and candy machines.

SAM: Hmmm....barbecue Cheezos....interesting.

Panel 6 (small panel): Soda pops out.

Panel 7 (small panel): Cheezos pop out.

Panel 8: View of Sam walking away in lens of security camera.

SAM: Whistling.

Panel 9: Long shot of the lobby as Jimmy sits behind the desk talking to Frank who leans on the desk talking.

JIMMY: So I told her that I’m going for a prairie look on the lawn.

FRANK: Ha ha ha ha!


Page 6:

Panel 1: Three tech people in black jumpsuits walk into the lobby.

NATALIE: Hi, we’re here conducting a penetration test.

Panel 2: Natalie, the leader, hands paperwork to a surprised looking Jimmy and Frank.

JIMMY: Uh...Hello!

NATALIE: Here’s the paperwork.

JIMMY: A pen test tonight?

Panel 3: Jimmy looks at the papers a bit confused.

JIMMY: Uh....No one told me about this.

JIMMY: Oh, you’re part of Corben’s “Red Team.” That guy’s a real piece of work.

Panel 4: Shot of Natalie and Jimmy. Natalie is all business.

JIMMY: Hey Frank, remember when Corben...?

NATALIE (interrupting): Excuse me. We’re on a timeline here.

NATALIE: We’re performing a mock invasion test. We’ll treat this secure site as if it’s being broken into by black hat hackers.

Panel 5: Roger and Omar in foreground talking to each other as Natalie talks with the security.

OMAR (nervous): Does this have to take so long?

ROGER: Yeah, I don’t want to have to explain to Corben. He’s been a pain about the timing all day.

NATALIE: You need to clear out and act as if you have been neutralized. We need all-access passes.

Panel 6: Jimmy. Natalie, and Frank talking.

JIMMY: Since we’re supposed to be neutralized, mind if me and Frank run over to the Hot Spot for a sandwich? I can grab something for you, too, if you want.

NATALIE (cold): That would be wonderful. I’ll have Roger monitor the cameras for you.

 Panel 7: As Jimmy put on his coat, he spills his coffee.

JIMMY: Oops!

Panel 8: Natalie and the team head over to the access door.

NATALIE (cold): Don’t worry about it. You can take care of it later on.

JIMMY: Damn, it’s all over my shoes.

Panel 9: As Jimmy and Frank leave the lobby to the front, Natalie, Omar, and Roger enter the interior of the secure building.

JIMMY: These are good shoes you know. Walking around here, you need good arch support.

Page 7:

Panel 1: Sam is walking down the hallway whistling.

SAM: Whistling.

Panel 2: He opens the security door to the lobby. Jimmy is gone.

SAM: Hey Jimmy. We’ve got barbecue and sour cream and onion. Jimmy?

Panel 3: Sam walks over to the desk to see what’s happening.

SAM: Not like him to leave the desk alone.

Panel 4: We look down on Sam as he sees the coffee.

SAM: Ack, coffee’s everywhere.

Panel 5: Close up of coffee cup.

SAM: Why would he just leave it?

Panel 6: He picks up the phone on Jimmy’s desk. No tone.

Sam: No dial tone?

Panel 7: Close up of monitor showing group of black-clad people moving among the rooms of the facility.

SAM: And who are those guys?

Panel 8: Close up of Sam.

SAM: No Jimmy, no phones, and guys in black mucking around.

Panel 9: Close shot of Sam’s hand grabbing an all-access pass to the facility.

SAM: Have to check this out.

Panel 10: Sam goes back into secure site with new pass.

SAM: Something weird is going on here.

Sound effect: Beep!

Page 8:

Panel 1: Team walks through hall.

ROGER (walking through a large space and gesturing around him): So you can see we have a lot of servers here. Most of them are ours, but we also host servers for lots of other organizations.

Panel 2: They enter a room with a terminal on a small table and behind a large window, large servers on the racks in the background.

NATALIE: Over here. Rack 37.

ROGER: Rack 37? Hmm, doesn't ring a bell. Are you sure this is MilCorp's accounting system?

NATALIE: That's the one Corben said. He's the team lead. (holds up paper). It's right here in the test plan your boss signed off on.

Panel 3: Above shot of team. Natalie gives them instructions, Roger in bg.

ROGER (scratching head): Says Rack 37 alright.

NATALIE: OK, Omar, you get the transmitter working.

OMAR: On it.

Panel 4: Omar faces the wires.

OMAR: (Whistles) Nice wiring job! Give me a minute to trace down these cables and find an empty jack on the switch.

NATALIE (Off panel): Gotcha, I'll fire up the laptop and get the rootkit configured.

Panel 5: All three are in a space working together.

OMAR: Transmitter is online and connected, we are good to go! Once you get the rootkit installed on the server, we can start transmitting data to the van. I've got extra CAT6 cable, too, if we need to run a hardline.

NATALIE: Awesome! I'll see if we have a good connection to the van once I log into the server. This is gonna be so easy since we were able to get the CEO's password.

ROGER: Well, looks like you've got things well in hand. I'll be over here if you need me, I've got to watch the camera feeds. (Sits in a chair nearby and puts on headphones.)

Panel 6: Close up of Natalie talking on radio to Corben.

NATALIE: Corben, we’re almost up and running. Let me know when you start getting the signal.

Page 9:

Panel 1: We see a van in the parking lot right outside the lobby of the building.

CORBEN: Roger that.

Panel 2: Cut to inside, close on Corben talking to Natalie on radio.

CORBEN: Everything seems ready to go.

Panel 3: Pull back to see inside of van filled with equipment servers, a laptop, lots of wires, as well as a receiver for the signal.

CORBEN: Let’s keep this nice and smooth.

Panel 4: Corben puts down radio.

Panel 5: Corben reaches into bag and pulls out small cellphone.

Panel 6: He dials.

Sound effect: Beep beep!

Panel 7: Close shot of Corben talking to mysterious stranger.

CORBEN: It’s me. Yes, they’re in, everything is going as planned. They are completely in the dark, and I aim to keep it that way.

CORBEN: No, no, they think this is a test of the Ecks Corp accounting system. They don’t know they are actually tapping into MilCorp's R&D server. All it took was a tiny modification to the test plan.

Panel 8: Shot from front seats of van at Corben continuing to explain his plan to the voice on the phone.

CORBEN: A couple of hours. It's over 3 TB of data. Once I download everything, I will run it through a data parser. It’s sort of like a fishing net, it will keep the good stuff and discard the rest. The final dataset will be small enough to fit on a thumb drive. Funny how something so small would be worth so much money.

CORBEN: No, the rootkit we designed is undetectable by their antivirus, and the transmitter bypasses all of their network detection measures. Believe me, the network security geeks won't see a single alert. Those jerks at MilCorp won’t know what hit them.

Panel 9: Far away shot of the van as Corben talks off screen.

CORBEN: The team? Don’t worry, they don’t know anything, And if they find out, I’ll keep them from talking. Permanently.

Page 10:

Panel 1: The three are hard at work in server room.  

ROGER: This should be pretty quick since we already have the CEO’s password.

OMAR: Yeah, how did you manage that?

ROGER: A little social engineering magic.

Panel 2: We see Sam outside the room listening in.

ROGER (off panel): You see, the guy’s got this tiny little dog.

ROGER (off panel): The thing yaps and yaps and yaps.

Panel 3: Close on Sam’s phone as he sets it for Bluetooth and recording.

ROGER (off panel): So every night at around 11…

Panel 4: Sam reaches into the room and places phone on top of equipment.

ROGER (off panel): ...the guy takes the dog for a walk.

Panel 5: Shot of phone recording.

ROGER: So I’m outside his house trying to figure out how I’m going to get in and check his laptop or whatever...

Panel 6: Roger explaining

ROGER: ...when the guy comes around the corner and the dog goes wild barking at me.

Panel 7: Sam runs down the hall with his shoes off.

ROGER (Off panel): He keeps yelling “Tiger Tiger,” over and over to shut the thing up...

Panel 8: Sam enters room where his laptop sits waiting.

OMAR (Off panel): Heh heh.

Page 11:

Panel 1: Sam starts typing on computer.

ROGER (Off panel): So...Heh, So....

Panel 2: Close in shot of recording software playing dialogue of infiltration team.

ROGER (from computer): Now, I’ve been following him on Facebook for a while. I know the guy’s divorced. From his funny dog videos on his page, I can tell this dog is the most important thing in the world to this guy. Plus, he’s a poetry fan. He’s even in a bunch of online poetry forums. So I put two and two together...

Panel 3: Sam gets up and walks over to Rack 125 somewhere else in the Datacenter.

ROGER (from computer): ...and I try out Tyger Tyger.

Panel 4: Sam opens a KVM in the rack (see the computer screen on the left side of this diagram)

SAM: Alright, who are you, and what are you up to?

ROGER (from computer): ...and bingo! I access his laptop. I sneak in and install a key logger and exfil his credentials.

Panel 5: Shot of screen. Sam can see what the team is doing.

ROGER (from computer): In a couple of days, I go back and get the data.

OMAR (from computer): Ha ha ha ha. Who knew William Blake would solve the case.

ROGER: You know what they say about the human element.

Panel 6: Shot of Sam looking at screen.

OMAR: Maybe they should call this the canine element. Ha!

SAM: Hmm. I see what you're doing. Whoa, this is double-plus not good! These files look classified. I know this isn't in the monitor and response job description, but I have to shut you down.

Panel 7:  Silhouette of Sam writes a protocol which encrypts all the data causing the machine to spew out gibberish unless you have his passcode.

Text behind Sam as On Screen:

“$ sshfs NKrypt@fortress:/home/NKrypt/.keys /mnt/temp1 $ aescrypt -e /home/*.* -k


$ umount /mnt/temp1

$ history -c”

SAM: This AES-512 encryption is going to leave you with garbage, and you won’t be able to unlock the data without my secret key. Good luck finding it with the command history deleted. The only way you’re getting the key is if you find me.

Panel 8: He smiles as he sets the code.

SAM: And I don’t plan on you knowing I’m even here.


Page 12:

Panel 1: Cut to Corben’s mouth in the van, he’s angry.

CORBEN: What the heck is this?

Panel 2: Corben points to the encrypted data spewing on his screen.

CORBEN: All I’m getting is garbage. I thought you had the encryption codes.

Panel 3: Natalie holds the phone away as Corben screams. The others look on, a bit nervous.

NATALIE: We do. I don’t understand.

CORBEN: That’s not good enough, Natalie! Figure it out.

Panel 4: Omar checks the wiring while Roger and Natalie look at the monitor.

CORBEN (off panel): You’re the geniuses.

Panel 5: Natalie sees the data has been encrypted recently.


Panel 6: Natalie realizes it’s only been a few minutes and tells Corben.

NATALIE: It looks like the data has been encrypted again recently. Within the last hour.

CORBEN (from phone): Well, how could that happen? Is it something you idiots might have done by mistake?

Panel 7: Omar and Roger look on nervous.

NATALIE (Off panel): No, it was done by a third party, someone I don’t recognize. N-Krypt. That must mean…

CORBEN: ...that there’s someone else in the facility messing with the data. Get someone out there and find that intruder. There shouldn’t be anyone there.

Panel 8: Corben grimacing, tells them there’s someone in the building messing with the data.

CORBEN: Looks like we have a hostile.

Page 13:

Panel 1: The three talk, deciding on a plan.

NATALIE: I'll see if I can break the encryption using a full on brute force attack. I'll need Roger for that.

NATALIE: Omar, could you see if you can find our invader?

OMAR: Got it. Hostile huh?

Panel 2: Omar leaves with the flashlight.

ROGER: According to the activity monitor it looks like he's at Rack 125 in sub-basement 2.

OMAR: Wish me luck…

Panel 3: Cut to Sam drinking his soda. Smiling.

Panel 4: Sam spit takes when he hears over the laptop that they are onto him and are sending someone after him.

ROGER: Might be time to break out those martial arts skills buddy!

OMAR: Ha, ha...really funny.

SAM (Computer Noise): Splork!

Panel 5: He slams his laptop shut.

SAM: Oh crap, they know I’m here.

Panel 6: He grabs the chair and moves toward the door.

Panel 7: He stands beside the door waiting with the chair in his hands.

Panel 8: Shot of the van from outside. We hear Corben talking to his secret contact.

CORBEN: There will be a little delay. There’s been a snafu, but the team is handling it.

Panel 9: Close on Corben, angry, talking on the phone.

CORBEN: No no no. It’s not a problem. If the team can’t solve the problem...

Panel 10: Close on gun as Corben stands in background menacing.

CORBEN: ...I have a solution.


Page 14:

Panel 1: Omar is walking down the hall, flashlight in hand.

Panel 2: He comes across a door and decides to investigate.

Panel 3: He flashes his light in the room, and it hits a soda can.

OMAR: Hmm?

Panel 4: He enters the room heading toward the desk.

Panel 5: He gets up close to the can, and we see Sam behind him the chair raised high. Omar is talking into his radio.

OMAR: I think I’ve found the black hat. Must be around here…

Panel 6: Sam hits Omar with the chair. He falls onto a table.

Sound effect: Crash!

SAM: Have a seat.

Panel 7: Shot of Sam with chair looking nervous.

SAM: Woah.

Panel 8: Shot on Omar’s dropped radio.

NATALIE (on radio): Hello? Omar, what was that noise?

Page 15:

Panel 1: Sam stands over Omar, radio squawking.


Panel 2: Sam turns Omar over.

SAM: Omar?

SAM: Oh, wow.

Panel 3: Sam drags Omar to the supply closet.

SAM: I saw you in class last year. Never figured you for a bad guy.

Panel 4: Sam pushes him in.

SAM: Always seemed pretty decent.

Panel 5: He locks the door.

Lock sound effect: Click!

Panel 6: Sam leaves the room.

SAM: You just stay here while I look around.

Panel 7: Cut to Sam walking in hallway.

Panel 8: He looks out the window of the Conference Room.

Page 16:

Panel 1: Close shot of Natalie on the radio. She’s telling Corben that Omar is missing.

NATALIE: There was a crash and now he’s not answering his radio.

CORBEN (from phone): Send Roger out to look. Tell him to be careful, and don’t screw up!

NATALIE: Chances are he just shut the thing off. Go get him and find our mystery man.

ROGER: You got it!

Panel 3: Roger leaves.

NATALIE: And be careful.

ROGER: Aren’t I always?

Panel 4: Cut to the van.

CORBEN: They’ve lost one of their team.

Panel 5: Corben on his cellphone. Angry.

CORBEN: I know, if you want something done right...

Panel 6: Corben picks up a gun.

Panel 7: Corben climbs out of van with the gun.

CORBEN: I’ll meet you at the drop-off location on time. Be there with the money.

Panel 8: Sam is looking out the window looking nervous.

SAM: A gun?

Panel 9: Hands grab Sam from behind.

SAM: Urk!

Page 17:

Panel 1: Sam twists toward the figure and punches it in the stomach.

SAM: Rrrgh!

ROGER: Oooof!

Panel 2: The stranger releases Sam as Sam pulls away.

SAM: Wait!

Panel 3: Close on both looking at each other, recognizing each other, Roger begins to explain.

SAM: Roger?


Panel 4: Corben appears between them with his gun.

CORBEN: You boys know each other? What’s going on here?

Panel 5: Roger stands between them, saying it’s a simple mistake.

ROGER: Put the gun away, Corben. There’s no need for...

Panel 6: Corben cracks him with the gun.

Sound effect: Crack!

CORBEN: I didn’t ask your opinion.


Panel 7: Corben points gun at Sam as Roger lies on the ground. Corben is trying to get him to get up.

CORBEN: Get up. We’re going for a walk.

Panel 8: Corben throws Sam on the ground in the background while Natalie types furiously in foreground.

NATALIE: Decrypting this is going to take forever.

CORBEN: Not anymore.

Page 18

Panel 1: Sam lays on the floor. He looks beaten up.


CORBEN: What is this, homecoming weekend? You know him too?

Panel 2: Corben pushes Sam into chair; Natalie’s confused.

NATALIE: We were in a class together last year. What’s going on?

NATALIE: Why do you have a gun?

CORBEN: Because this is our N-Krypt. He has the key to our files in his head, and I

plan to get it.

Panel 3. Corben punches Sam as Natalie watches in the BG looking scared.

CORBEN: If I have to beat it out of him!

Panel 4. Natalie sees something on the monitor.

NATALIE: Corben, what the hell are you doing?

Panel 5. On monitor we see the van and another car and a woman.

NATALIE: And who’s in that other car?

Panel 6. Sam blurts out.

SAM: Allysen?

Panel 7: Corben grabs Sam by the face and demands that he put the data on a flash drive.

CORBEN: OK, so your girlfriend is now in play. Upload the unencrypted data to this drive, and I don’t have to hurt her.

SAM: Urk.

Panel 8: Natalie looks worried.

Panel 9: Sam sits down at terminal begins to type furiously alone.

SAM: Alright, I’m decrypting the data. Just leave her alone.

Panel 10. Natalie looks over Sam’s shoulder as Corben watches in background.

NATALIE: (under her breath) I don’t know what’s up Sam, but this is no Pen Test. Just work with me.

Page 19

Panel 1: Natalie pushes Sam out of the way.

NATALIE: He’s trying to screw with us! Let me take care of this.

Panel 2: Natalie types on computer. We see devilish glow in her eyes.

NATALIE (to self, under breath): Let’s put a little present in here.

Panel 3: She hands Corben the drive.

NATALIE: OK, here it is.

Panel 4: Corben punches Sam, knocking him out.

CORBEN: Beautiful.

SAM: Oof.

Panel 5: Sam is on the floor.

CORBEN: Natalie, help me drag him out to the van.

NATALIE: No! We should just call the cops. He’s the black hat here.

Panel 6: Shot on Corben.

CORBEN: Look, this entire Pen Test was a con. I’ve wanted to get back at MilCorp for a long time. They owe me money and respect. The plan was to filter and copy the data as it flowed through the van. Sell it for a hefty price. Sam made this harder, but everything I need is on this drive.

Panel 7: Corben with a gun.

CORBEN: Help me, and I’ll cut you in. Otherwise we have a problem.

CORBEN: It’s too late, he knows what we’re doing here, knows me. We’re going to have to take him for a ride, and if that girlfriend of his sees anything, she’s coming too.

Panel 9: Natalie and Corben grab a leg. Corben puts away his gun.

NATALIE: OK, then, grab his other leg.

CORBEN: Good Girl. I knew you were smart.

Panel 10: Natalie elbows him in the jaw.

NATALIE: Sorry to disappoint you.

Sound effect: Crack!

Page 20:

Panel 1: Natalie runs out of the room as Corben struggles to stand.

Panel 2: Corben follows out the room.

CORBEN: Natalie!

Panel 3. He sees Natalie run around a corner.

CORBEN: I didn’t want to have to hurt you, but I will if I have to.

Panel 4: Corben confronts Natalie with gun.

CORBEN: Got you!

Panel 5: Out of the shadows Roger punches Corben across the jaw.

Sound effect: Crack!

Panel 6: Natalie and Roger talk, Corben in background.

ROGER: You OK, Natalie?

NATALIE: Yeah, Sam’s here too, he’s N-Krypt. Corben is using the test to scam


ROGER: I know!

Panel 7: Corben bolts and is running, talking on phone.

CORBEN: I’ve got the data. I’ll be there soon.

Panel 8: Gets to the van as others catch up.

Panel 9: Van drives away as group watches.


Page 21:

Panel 1: Group together frustrated watches Corben escape.

SAM: Damn.

ROGER: Almost got him.


Panel 2: Natalie breaks down in a full laugh.

ROGER: Uh oh, I think she’s cracked. Natalie?

Panel 3: Close of Natalie wiping away tears.

NATALIE: No. I’m fine.

Panel 4: Natalie explains.

NATALIE: After Sam put all the data on the drive, I added something extra.

NATALIE: There's a hidden executable on that drive that will access his webcam, desktop, filesystem, and network settings. As soon as he plugs in that drive, his face, his IP address, and a listing of all the files on that drive are going to be emailed to the cybersecurity response teams at the FBI and the Pentagon.

Panel 5. The group laughs it off as Allysen runs up to Sam. Natalie and Roger bump fists.

ROGER: Sweet! That’ll take care of Corben. Good job!

ALLYSEN: I’ve been waiting forever. Are you OK?

SAM: I’m fine, but I think we are going to need a ride to the police station.

Panel 6: New scene: We watch as the van pulls up to a seedy looking warehouse area.

NARRATOR: Later that evening.

Panel 7: Corben walks into an old, abandoned diner.

Panel 8: Corben enters the diner. Sitting in two of the seats are a scary looking guy and a shaggy looking guy.

SCARY GUY: Mr. Corben. Glad you made it. I trust you have what you promised.

Panel 9: Corben approaches and talks to Scary guy, handing him the disk.

CORBEN: Here’s the drive. Where’s my money?

Panel 10: Scary guy hands disk to shaggy guy.

SCARY GUY: Direct and to the point. I like that, but not so fast.

SCARY GUY (to shaggy guy): Check this over.

Panel 11: Scary guy talks to Corben.

SCARY GUY: I’m surprised to see you so soon. It sounded like you had some trouble.

CORBEN: Nothing I couldn’t handle. I wasn’t going to miss out screwing with

MilCorp. They didn’t want to pay out after all the years I worked for them.

Page 22:

Panel 1: Shaggy guy calls out.

SHAGGY GUY: I’ve got something here. I just ran this through the sandbox, and there’s a Lojack and alert malware on this.

SHAGGY GUY: Someone is trying to mess with us.

Panel 2: Corben looks shocked.

CORBEN: What? That can’t be...

Panel 3: Scary guy pulls out a gun and points it at Corben.

SCARY GUY: It is. No more explanations.

Panel 4: Shot outside of the diner.

Sound effect: Bang!

Panel 5: Sam and the others stand outside of the building. Omar has joined them. Sam asks if Allysen could bring them all to the police. As they stand there, a black car pulls up.

SAM: Allysen, do you think you can give these guys a ride too?

ROGER: I call shotgun!

NATALIE: Just a sec, where’s Omar?

SAM: Oh, about Omar.

Panel 6: A couple of agent-like people climb out of the car.

AGENT #1: Hello. I’m Mr. Robinson and this is Mr. Blake. We would like to talk with you all about tonight.

AGENT #2: We are from the Front Office and we’ve been following you for a while. We are interested in how you handled Mr. Corben. We think you might be ready.

Panel 7: Shot of the group.

NATALIE: Ready for what?

AGENT #2 (Off panel): Mr. Corben had been on our radar for a while but we couldn’t pin him down.

AGENT #2 (Off panel): We saw him as a possible connection to a very widespread underground organization but didn’t realize the extent of his plans until now.

AGENT #1: The data they were attempting to steal was highly sensitive, and its release would have been a catastrophe. Your timely intervention was able to stop that. Unfortunately, the little fish was stopped, but we didn’t catch the bigger fish.

AGENT #2: We need a group of young, talented and ambitious security personnel who can help us infiltrate and destroy this organization.

Panel 8: Shot on Sam, Natalie, and others. Smiles beginning to cross their faces.

NATALIE: I think I speak for all of us, when I say yes! 

SAM: We just have to ask Omar.