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From energy and education to healthcare and communications, the fields of cybersecurity, computer engineering, and computer science play an essential role in practically everything we do. Whether it’s advancing healthcare, addressing climate change, or protecting nations and governments, engineers and computer scientists work to address some of our world’s most pressing and prominent global and social issues.

Since 1901, Syracuse University’s College of Engineering and Computer Science has been preparing leaders who are interested in using science, technology, and innovation to promote change. To further this commitment, we recently announced the launch of an online graduate degree in Cybersecurity and the re-launch of graduate degree programs in Computer Science and Computer Engineering via a new online learning format.

Demand for advanced skills in areas like cybersecurity, data analytics, and cloud computing continues to grow. Therefore, we created this blog to serve as a forum to learn more about our unique online degree programs and connect with like-minded industry leaders and thinkers who are using science and technology to move the world forward. As this blog develops and progresses, you will be able to:

  • Hear from prominent voices within the cybersecurity, computer science, and computer engineering community. Meet esteemed Syracuse University faculty members, hear from alumni, as well as researchers and journalists who are using their expertise to reinvent the way we live and work to make a positive impact.
  • Get to know the online programs. Learn firsthand what makes the online programs unique. Find out who the faculty and students are and what it’s like to attend graduate school online.
  • Expect the unexpected. Explore content that features cutting-edge research and new ideas in formats that you won’t find on other university’s blogs.

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