Steve Ellis is a Syracuse University alumnus and graduated with a BFA in Illustration. He has worn many hats working as an illustrator, author, art director and concept designer. Over his varied career, he has created artwork and conceived projects for companies such as Wizards of the Coast, Random House, Impact books, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, AMC, Scholastic Books, Impact books, Rogue Entertainment, Blizzard Entertainment and many others. Recently he has developed the award-winning comic series “High Moon” for DC Comics as well as acted as the lead designer, storyboard artist and illustrator on AMC’s “Breaking Bad: The Cost of Doing Business” and “The Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning” games.

N-Krypt: The Human Element

When a mysterious group invades Ecks Corp, an employee named Sam must single-handedly investigate their hacking attempts. Can Sam execute a rapid response to encrypt Ecks Corp’s data before it’s too late, not only for the Ecks Corp network’s safety but for his own?