A Cybersecurity Expert’s Guide to Period and Pregnancy Trackers

Millions of women trust smartphone applications with data about their reproductive and sexual health. What cybersecurity considerations should be made before using them?

Open-Source Software: The Key to Our Past and Future

How has open-source software (OSS) changed the jobs of software developers in the last few years? We spoke with Professor Kevin Du about the new world OSS has created for software developers, and how it’s shaping their future.

Engineering@Syracuse Immersion 2017

From September 29th to October 1st, online and on-campus students, alumni, and industry practitioners came together across Syracuse University’s Engineering and Computer Science graduate programs and ventured to campus to learn more.

The Cloud: Why Businesses Are Slow to Adopt

Despite the promise and popularity of cloud computing, some companies have resisted storing their data on the cloud, choosing to use legacy storage systems from the 1970s and ’80s instead. Why are some businesses slow to adopt the cloud?

N-Krypt: The Human Element

When a mysterious group invades Ecks Corp, an employee named Sam must single-handedly investigate their hacking attempts. Can Sam execute a rapid response to encrypt Ecks Corp’s data before it’s too late, not only for the Ecks Corp network’s safety but for his own?