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Master of Science in Computer Engineering - Online

Transform the future of computer engineering. The online Master of Science in Computer Engineering (MSCE) from Syracuse University helps you gain the knowledge to create groundbreaking hardware and software solutions.

With our innovative curriculum, you will focus on key subjects that are crucial to understanding and advancing new and emerging systems. You will learn to drive innovation and solve the most challenging computer engineering challenges with advanced knowledge of key topics including:

  • Security and assurance
  • Network systems
  • Computer architecture
  • Advanced programming

Discover a Real-World Curriculum

Syracuse University takes education beyond theoretical learning with inclusive, interdisciplinary, and collaborative experiences to prepare graduates for real-world situations, and enhances analytical, critical-thinking, and problem-solving skills.

When you graduate with your M.S. in Computer Engineering, you will be prepared with the leading-edge knowledge necessary to solve challenging technical problems in computer engineering, and keep current with this ever-changing industry.

The M.S. in Computer Engineering program can be completed in as few as 20 months, and consists of 30 credit hours:

  • 12 credits from core courses
  • 18 credits from elective courses

Note: Up to 6 credits may be transferred from graduate work done in the same field at other institutions.

Learn more about our innovative M.S. in Computer Engineering curriculum.

Gain Knowledge to Apply to Your Career
The M.S. in Computer Engineering is completely online. Live or recorded class sessions are available. Login to perform your coursework around your schedule, at your convenience. Plus, you can immediately apply what you've learned to your career.

Syracuse University is ranked a 2015 Best Computer Engineering Graduate School and a Top 50 Best Value University by U.S. News and World Report.

Gain Access to Our Renowned Faculty
Embrace the opportunity to learn from some of the most experienced engineering professionals and educators. Our award-winning faculty are at the forefront of research and discovery in areas including artificial intelligence; data mining methodologies in cybersecurity; assured systems that degrade in the face of attack and failure; and the intersection of computational complexity, formal methods, and programming language semantics. The same professors that teach on campus also teach the online classes. They are dedicated to providing students an immersive, hands-on, and successful learning experience.

Experience Syracuse University's Dynamic Online Instruction
Most online MSCE lectures can be attended via live webcast, in real time, with the same professors that teach on campus, just as if you are sitting in the classroom. You have the ability to ask questions during class, switch camera angles, and rewind lectures.

Lectures are also recorded and available to view online, still allowing the opportunity to ask questions by time stamping questions to the instructor. Classes will have instructor-set deadlines, however, you have the flexibility complete coursework during times that are convenient for you.

Syracuse University also values lab experiences as essential elements to learning. Our online labs are as rich and educational as our online lectures, allowing you to collaborate with fellow students on campus while you perform interactive tasks critical to your development as an engineering leader. Learn more about our online learning experience here.

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